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Between the Lines: An Intervention


BETWEEN THE LINES – AN INTERVENTION: A weekly look at the creative process through a literary lens. WHEN SHOULD WE INTERVENE? Among other themes, An Intervention examines the lengths two friends are willing to go for one another. As director Lila Neugebauer led the charge on the production in Williamstown, WTF Literary Assistant Rachel Wiegardt-Egel caught up with playwright Mike Bartlett... Read More

An Intervention

August 12 - August 23 Nikos Stage
2015 Season

By Mike Bartlett Directed by Lila Neugebauer

An Intervention A whole lot of booze, a new girlfriend, and government involvement in a foreign war are just some of the factors that threaten to drive a massive wedge between two people. Can they close the ever-widening gap in their relationship, or have they reached a breaking point? Featuring rotating pairs of world-class actors, each performance of An Intervention... Read More

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