A Walk Through Williamstown with Brandon Kahn

A Walk Through Williamstown is our weekly series celebrating the town that supports WTF every summer, and the artists who return year after year. Every Sunday, join one of our artists as they chat with us at their favorite local spot.

BRANDON KAHN [3rd WTF Season] Favorite Williamstown Spot: Hops and Vines
Current WTF Show: Production Stage Manager of A MOON FOR THE MISBEGOTTEN, playing through August 23


Brandon Kahn1. Why are we in this spot? What does it mean to you?
I picked this spot because it’s been a very special place this year. Since my wife Jen has also been out here stage managing, we made this our first date night place, and it’s become our date night location. We didn’t have that much time but once a week we would come here for a date, so it became a special place. And we come here with friends and hang out after shows, and the Opening Night parties here are always really nice. My parents were just visiting and we came here. We come for special occasions!

2. What keeps you coming back to WTF?
This year when I was interviewing all the interns for my department, I had about 120 applicants, interviewed 40-something candidates, and only hired 14. One question that I got asked regularly in those interviews was, “why do you keep coming back?” And I thought, there’s this sense of family here at the Festival that you just can’t even describe until you actually experience it. Some of my best friends I met my first time here in 2008, and they’re still my really good friends. Steve Kaus [WTF Producer] and my friend Justin Waldman [Former WTF Artistic Associate] – these people that I’ve met here are a part of my family. I was taken into the Williamstown family and that’s something that I hope to do as I am here – bring people in, and make them feel welcomed and that they are a part of the family of Williamstown. And I think the community welcomes us with open arms too. It’s amazing. You go to the Barbershop and the barber is so excited to talk about the Festival. I think it’s a totally cool thing because it changes the dynamic of the town. I grew up in Houston, and have lived in New York and San Diego, so I am not used to small town living. But this is definitely some fine small town living. You get to know people really well.

3. Describe A Moon for the Misbegotten in 5 words or less.
I think I’m going to be the first one to do it in 5 words: Emotional Roller Coaster of Love. That’s 5 words right? Yeah!

4. If there was a drink at Hops & Vines named the “Brandon Kahn” what would be in it and why?
I enjoy beer. They have a lot of selections here and they change them up. So I don’t know if I would have a drink-drink. My favorite beer this year has been an IPL they had – I think I’d be that one.

5. If you weren’t a Stage Manager, what other job at the festival would you want to do?
Since I’m at Columbia University for Theatre Management and Producing, I’d want to be in a Producing position. So I think Stephen Kaus’s or Mandy Greenfield’s positions are two jobs that I could see myself taking on. Those are two places I’d love to be in the future. But it would also be so much fun to be an Apprentice here, just to experience everything they get to experience. They see everything, you know? Doing an overnight crew – I haven’t done that yet – but I feel like it would be a fun experience.


[Photos: Paul Fox]