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Year that Boston Won the Pennant, The

August 1 - August 21 | The Second Company
1976 Season

Author: Noonan, John Ford
Director: Schweizer, David

In Repertory, 1976 Season.


Malachy Cleary

Dillinger/Delivery Man/George

Phil Cates

Shattuck/Julian LaMonde/Oscar

Alan Rosenberg

JoJo DeLorenzo/Leroy Starr/Microphone Technician

Tony Abatemarco

O'Coonor/Tucker Lurtsema/Groundskeeper

Fred Sanders

Man in a Raincoat

Victor Bevine

Stanley Kuckta/Jasper Terhune/Olivare

Benjamin Mittleman

Marcus Sykowski

Bonnie Gondell

Candy Cane Sykowski

Beverly Barbieri

Martha Peabody/1st Party Woman

Charlotte McGinnis

Laverne Jones/2nd Party Woman

Tacey Phillips

Pepper Weitz/3rd Party Woman



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