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The Valley of Fear

July 11 - July 20 | Free Theatre | Poker Flats Field
2012 Season

Author: Lawson, Steve
Director: Neugebauer, Lila

In 1987, WTF launched the popular outdoor Free Theatre with a production of A Study in Scarlet, the first saga in the Sherlock Holmes series.

Twenty-five years later, the legendary sleuth is back in this exciting new theatrical version of Conan Doyle’s final novel, The Valley of Fear, adapted by Free Theatre’s original scribe, playwright Steve Lawson.

This two-act play shows Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson at their witty best— investigating a case of murder that is baffling Scotland Yard. First, we travel with the duo to an English country estate to pick up clues and crack the case. We then dig deep into this mystery’s origins in America – illuminating a tale of violence and fear in Pennsylvania’s coal country, where one man’s life hangs perilously between ruin and redemption.


Chris Bannow

Dr. John Watson

Michael Bradley Cohen

Sherlock Holmes

Harry Ford

Inspector MacDonald/Bodymaster McGinty

Alex Gould

Sgt. White Mason/Morris

Alexander Seife

John Douglas/Jack McMurdo

Maura Hooper

Ivy Douglas

Eric Clem

Cecil Barker/Ted Baldwin

Jeff Hathcoat

Ames/Mike Scanlan

Caitlin Morris

Mrs. Allen/Mrs. Shafter

Jacob Basri



Scenic Design
Costume Design
Lighting Design
Sound Design
Original Music
Musical Direction
Fight Choreography


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