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St. Joan

July 17 - July 21 | Main Stage
1956 Season

Author: Shaw, George Bernard
Director: Psacharopoulos, Nikos


Rex Robbins

Robert De Baudricourt

Ken Geist


Charles McArthur

Betrand De Poulengey

Mather Bacon

Mgr De La Tremouille

Tom Brennan

The Archbishop of Rheims

Will Armstrong

Gilles De Rais

Toby MacFarland

Captain La Hire

Jay Sweeney

The Dauphin

Casey Keese

Court Ladies

Mather Bacon

Dunois Bastard of Orleans

Louise Ober

Dunois' Page

Tom Adkins

Richard De Beauchamp Earl of Warwick

Rex Robbins

Chaplain De Stogumber

Bernard Kukoff

Peter Cauchon Bishop of Beauvais

Craig LeMay

Warwick's Page

Toby MacFarland

The Inquisitor

Ken Geist


Tom Brennan

De Courcelles

Charles McArthur

Brother Martin Ladvenu

Toby MacFarland

An English Soldier

Tom Brennan

A Gentleman of 1920


Production Design
Lighting Design
Stage Manager
Music Arranged and Recorded by


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