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Sarah B. Divine!

July 10 - August 26 | The Second Company
1972 Season

Author: Eyen, Tom
Director: Schweizer, David

In Repertory, 1972 Season.


Sarah Bernhardt number one

Carol Potter

Jeanne her sister

Veronica Horan

Sarah Bernhardt-number two

Sarah Bernhardt-number three

Ellene Winn

Judith Van Hard-her mother

Madame Boviar-dancing teacher

Madame Nathalie-ham actress

Lady Wilde-Oscar's mother

Glenna Fickert

Madame Gerard-"little mother"

Eleonora Duse

Alison Mills

Louise-a slow maid

Ellen Terry

Sigourney Weaver

Anita-the eternal maid



Bing Gordon

Louis Tellegrin-stud

Alexander Dumas

M. Sardou-writer

Lee Wessoff

King Edward VII

M.Pitou-stage manager

Dan de Raey

Oscar Wilde

Terry Byars

Maurice Bernhardt-her son


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