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Romeo and Juliet

August 2 - August 13 | Main Stage
2006 Season

Author: Shakespeare, William
Director: Frears, Will

“A plague on both your houses!” ROMEO AND JULIET, one of Shakespeare’s earliest plays, has become western culture’s defining romance. As old as the ancient Italian town in which it’s set, yet as urgent, inevitable and shocking as today’s headlines. A star-crossed couple, more in love than any two people have a right to be, find each other, and are ultimately undone, in the midst of a terrible, unyielding and blood-thirsty feud. Will the day ever come when we take up Shakespeare’s challenge to stare down bigotry with tolerance? This summer at WTF, an unmissable production of one of the greatest plays of all time.

“For never was a story of more woe, than this of Juliet and her Romeo.”


in order of appearance

Ian Unterman


David Ross


Greg Hildreth


Paul O'Brien


Sandra Shipley

Lady Montague

Ron Cephas Jones

Prince Escalus

Ezra Miller


Enid Graham

Lady Capulet

Emmy Rossum


Bill Camp

Friar Lawrence

Corey Jones


Daniel Mefford

Friar John

Jenny Gammello

Dancing Girls

Los Mercedes (band)

Joe Tippett

Ramon Manuel Mercedes

Nick Delaney

Manuel Ramon Mercedes

Ryan Nearhoff

El Guapo Mercedes

Lisa Birnbaum

Evita Estrella Mercedes


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