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Lawn Talks

July 6 - August 14 | Theater Lawn
2014 Season

July 6  |  The Sights & Sounds of Tin Pan Alley
July 13  |  The Road to Banning Conversion Therapy in NY
July 19  |  Living on Love
August 10  |  Dark Musicals
August 14 | The Making of PigPen Theatre Co.

Grab a drink, pull up a chair, and hear artists and scholars delve into the rich themes of WTF productions.

July 6 @ 1:15PM: “The Sights and Sounds of Tin Pan Alley.” In conjunction with June Moon, Kris Kukul (June Moon Music Coordinator and Music Director of WTF’s Cabaret) and Rachel Carpman (WTF’s Dramaturg) take us back in time and on a tour of a seemingly nondescript street in Midtown Manhattan where the modern popular music industry was born.

July 13 @ 1:15PM: “The Road to Banning Conversion Therapy in NY.” In conjunction with A Great Wilderness, Judd Krasher (Council Member, 11th Ward, City of Albany), shares his experience championing the ordinance to ban conversion therapy in Albany and how his efforts may help resuscitate a state-wide bill.

July 19 @ 2:45PM: In conjunction with Living on Love, guest W. Anthony Sheppard (Chair and Professor of Music, Williams College) will take us on a fun and surprising tour of all the operas, lovers, and divas that pop up in Living on Love.

August 10 @ 1:15PM: “Dark Musicals.” In conjunction with The Visit, guest David Eppel (Chair and Professor of Theatre, Williams College) takes us to the darker side of musical theatre. Come learn about macabre musicals, the increasingly popular subgenre of musical theatre, to which Kander and Ebb (The Visit, Chicago, Cabaret) have made significant contributions.

August 14 @ 4PM: “The Making of PigPen Theatre Co.” In conjunction with The Old Man and The Old Moon, the endlessly imaginative PigPen Theatre Co. shares the story of building their unique brand of music, film, and theatre–both during their undergrad years and since their graduation from Carnegie Mellon University.

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