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Inspector-General, The

July 26 - August 24 | The Second Company
1981 Season

Author: Gogol, Nikolai
Director: Boyd, Gregory

In Repertory, 1981 Season.


Charlie Singer

The Judge

William Burns

The Postmaster

Myra Taylor

The Director of Charities

Margo Hammond

The Superintendent of Schools

Charles Rathbun

The Doctor

Hamilton Gillett

Bobchinsky a Landowner

Steve Hofvendahl

Dobchinsky a Landowner

David Pierce

Khlestakov a Government Clerk

Geoffrey Owens

Osip his Companion

Michael Cerveris

The Officer-in-Blue a Vision

Greg Alexander

The Waiter

Diana Van Fossen

Anna the Mayor's Wife

Kimberly Nelson

Maria the Mayor's Daughter

Mary Ewald

Adotya the Mayor's Maid

Scott Fortune

First Merchant

Jerry Pavlon

Second Merchant

Margaret Gibson

The Locksmith's Wife

Georgia Papstrat

The Corporal's Widow


Production Design
Stage Manager
Asst Stage Manager


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