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Double Double

August 16 - August 27 | Main Stage
2006 Season

Author: Rees, Roger & Elice, Rick
Director: Rees, Roger

“A complex, plot-driven variety of crime play in which the puzzle is paramount, clues are provided from which the solution may be deduced, and accompanied, if successful, by a final plot twist which leaves the audience stunned.” That’s how the Oxford English Dictionary describes the “whodunit.” The London Times describes DOUBLE DOUBLE as “a classic of whodunitry and a glossy romantic thriller. It should be seen to be believed.” Phillipa James picks up a bum from London’s Embankment and brings him to her late husband’s luxury flat. A purely business arrangement, as she explains to the down-and-out Duncan McFee, who happens to bear an uncanny resemblance to her dearly departed mate. In exchange for just a tad of impersonation, and the signing of some legal papers, Phillipa offers Duncan money, food and shelter. That’s the deal. But is it the whole truth? Can Duncan escape from this seductive trap with his bedraggled dignity intact? Is there a more fun way to end the summer than with a good, old-fashioned thriller?

“There’s a smart answer to that, if I could think of it.”


in order of appearance

Jennifer Van Dyck

Phillipa James

Matt Letscher

Duncan McFee


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