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Crucible, The

July 19 - July 23 | Main Stage
1955 Season

Author: Miller, Arthur
Director: Psacharopoulos, Nikos


Betsy Bryant

Betty Parris

Richard Edelman

Reverend Samuel Parris

Casey Keese

Abigail Williams

Catherine O'Brien

Susanna Walcott

Elin Brown

Ann Putnam

Will Armstrong

Thomas Putnam

Evans Evans

Mercy Lewis

Mary Lois Baker

Mary Warren

John Frid

John Proctor

Jean Bryant

Rebecca Nurse

James O'Donnell

Giles Corey

Tom Brennan

Reverend John Hale

Sue Ann Gilfillan

Elizabeth Proctor

Lyle Lorentz

Francis Nurse

Mather Bacon

Ezekiel Cheever

Paul Stickles

Judge Hawthorne

Bernie Kukoff

Deputy Governor Danforth

Cynthia Harris

Sarah Good

Carol Krizack

Young Girl


Stage Manager


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