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Changing Room, The

August 28 - September 1 | Main Stage
1973 Season

Author: Storey, David
Director: Rudman, Michael


Louis Beachner

Harry Riley

Doug Stender

Patrick Walter Turner

Rex Robbins


Jack Schultz

Mic Morley

John Lithgow

Kenny Kendal

Steve Karp

Gordon Fenchurch

John Tillinger

Colin Jagger

Paul Rudd

Barry Copley

Richard D. Masur

Jack Stringer

Douglas Kerr

Bryan Atkinson

James Sutorius

Billy Spencer

Ron Siebert

John Glegg

Alan Castner

Frank Moore

Robert Murch

Clifford Owens

Emery Battis

Danny Crosby

William Swetland

Sir Frederick Thornton

Robert Brolli


Emery Battis

Match Announcer


Restaged for Williamstown by
Production Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
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