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Blue Bird, The

July 12 - July 21 | Free Theatre | Buxton School Field
2001 Season

Author: Maeterlinck, Maurice
Director: Dorsen, Annie


Crista Villella

The Blue Bird/The Little Girl

Thea Henry

Mommy/Joy of Maternal Love

Alex Cranmer


Phyllis Johnson

Fairy Berylune/ Madame Berlingot

William Thompson

Tylo the Dog

Sarah Hudnut

Tylette the Cat

Bess Wohl


Nick Baker


Ben Schenkkan

Chestnut Tree

Seth Samuels


Marc Jablon

Lime Tree

Sevrin Anne Mason

Luxury of Being Rich

John Dooley

Luxury of Owning Land

Rachel Egan

Luxury of Satisfied Vanity

Meredith Holzman

Luxury of Over-Eating

Nick Baker

Luxury of Knowing Nothing

Marc Jablon

Luxury of Understanding Nothing

Emily McNamara

Fat Laughter

Ryan O'Hara

Happiness of Good Health

Ben Schenkkan

Happiness of Seeing the Stars Rise

Ryan O'Hara

Happiness of Good Health

James O'Toole

Happiness of Pure Air

Jeffrey Miller

Happiness of Loving One's Parents

Stuart Ritter

Happiness of the Blue Sky

Nicola Riske

Happiness of the Spring

Daniel Waitley

Happiness of Running Barefoot

Daniel Archambeau

Little Happinesses

Amber East

Joy of Being Just

Liza Zassenhaus

Joy of Being Good

Rachel Egan

Joy of Hard Work Recognized

Cortney Keim

Joy of Thinking

Abby Huston

Joy of Understanding

Kathryn Buck

Joy of Seeing What is Beautiful

The Band

Erika Gimbel


Sara Bashor



Original Music
Puppet Design and Chroeography
Stage Manager
Production Manager


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