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August 29 - September 2 | Main Stage
1961 Season

Author: Anouilh, Jean
Director: Psacharopoulos, Nikos


Apollo Dukakis

Archbishop of Canterbury

Joseph Nassif

Bishop of Oxford

Tom Brennan

Folliot Bishop of London

Jacques Cartier

Bishop of York

Janet Sarno


Robert Mathews

First Baron

Charles Kimbrough

Second Baron

Berny Jones Jr.

Third Baron

Edwin Owens

Fourth Baron

Joyce Ebert


Olivia Post

French Girl

John Ludwig

First Soldier

Nathaniel Messimer

Second Soldier

Frank Geraci

Young Monk

Robert Darling

First Servant

Apollo Dukakis

Second Servant

Margaret Barker

Queen Mother

Judy Frank

Young Queen

Paul Park

Younger Son

Apollo Dukakis

Secretary to the Archbishop

Robert Darling

First Monk

John Badham

Second Monk

Charles Kimbrough

Louis King of France

Peter Hunt

First French Baron

John Badham

Second French Baron

Robert Mathews

Cardinel Zambelli

Apollo Dukakis

Canterbury Priest


Music Composed and Conducted by
Stage Manager


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